Welcome in Gouda's Garden

Art Nouveau and Floral Art have been a sleeping passion for many years but I hardly found the time to explore, read, search and discover the many aspects of it.

Since a few years that has changed. In fact since I met my girlfriend, who showed me the many interesting places in this corner of the world where old things can be found. So now we explore them together. Mostly in the weekends, visiting little antique markets, flee markets, life auctions, broquantes, and some more established places where a good eye and some feeling is needed to find the nicest items for our collection. Also the internet was an interesting source for items and in particular for more information about them.

The main intention of this site is to store the information i have gathered, to structure interesting links to other sites that i have found and to show many of my finds. In this way i can share it with friends who have the same interest and.. at the same time I get some experience in building a web site.

This is a beginning. I have no idea where it ends...