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This page contains important or interesting information in case you intend to bid or buy in Gouda's Garden.
For a moderate price my customers get a well described item, awesome service and a properly packed package that was shipped promptly and will arrive safely. All of the above things cost both time and money but no handling or packaging costs will be charged to the customer.
We thank our buyers for all their efforts to make Gouda's Garden what it is today. If there is anything to make this site more enjoyable and valuable please let me know !

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Dutch shipping charges depend on weight and destination. Normaly the shippingcosts are declared in the appropriate section of the description of each item. In those cases where shipping costs are not declared, the following may be important. The weight of an item is indicated in the description by its shipping category. To determine the shipping charges please check the shipping category (cat) in the description and find the matching shipping costs in the tables below. I charge the actual cost of shipping: no phoney packing charges or handling costs, however my packaging material is first class.

Standard or priority airmail ?

Packages UNDER 2 kgs normally are shipped in the cheapest possible way, which is by standard airmail. Delivery times to the USA are 10-15 working days, depending on the location of the buyer. Delivery to the east coast is faster than to the westcoast or to central states.
On request priority airmail is possible for a relative small increment. It is an option to ship "registered" with proof of shipment. In that case you have to sign the receipt on delivery.
Packages OVER 2 kgs only can be shipped by priority airmail with tracking facilities.
For books lower rates are applied.

To the USA, CANADA and non-European Countries: amounts in USDollar. <<
Cat.Gross Weight PRIORITYstandard
Not Registered*)
1 0-500 grs / 0-1 lb 18.0013.00
2 500 grs-1kg / 1-2.2 lb 30.0027.00
3 1 - 2 kg / 2.2 - 4.5 lb 30.0027.00
Registered with tracking facility
1,2,30 - 2 kg / 0 - 4.5 lb 38.00n/a
4 2 - 5 kg / 4.5 - 11 lb 54.00n/a
5 5 -10 kg / 11 - 22 lb 89.00n/a
6 10-15 kg / 22 - 33 lb 162.00n/a
7 15-20 kg / 33 - 44 lb 162.00n/a
*) Registered is with proof of shipment.

Cat.Gross Weight PRIORITYstandard
Not Registered*)
1 0-500 grs / 0-1 lb 7.006.00
2 500 grs-1kg / 1-2.2 lb 12.0010.00
3 1 - 2 kg / 2.2 - 4.5 lb 12.0010.00
Registered with tracking facility
1,2,30 - 2 kg / 0 - 4.5 lb 14.00n/a
4 2 - 5 kg / 4.5 - 11 lb 20.00n/a
5 5 -10 kg / 11 - 22 lb 26.00n/a
6 10-15 kg / 22 - 33 lb 35.00n/a
7 15-20 kg / 33 - 44 lb 41.00n/a
9 Other, ASK FOR QUOTE askn/a

To the REST OF EUROPE, amounts in EURO┤s.
Cat.Gross Weight PRIORITYstandard
Not Registered*)
1 0-500 grs / 0-1 lb 7.006.00
2 500 grs-1kg / 1-2.2 lb 12.0010.00
3 1 - 2 kg / 2.2 - 4.5 lb 12.0010.00
1,2,30 - 2 kg / 0 - 4.5 lb 19.00n/a
4 2 - 5 kg / 4.5 - 11 lb 25.00n/a
5 5 -10 kg / 11 - 22 lb 32.00n/a
6 10-15 kg / 22 - 33 lb 42.00n/a
7 15-20 kg / 33 - 44 lb 42.00n/a
9 Other, ASK FOR QUOTE askn/a

Estimated transit times to the USA:
priority7-9 days
standard3- 4 weeks
FEDEX4- 6 days
These are indicational and cannot be guaranteed.

My Sales and Shipping Statements:

  2. Payment by PayPal is preferred. Cashiers Checks, Personal checks, Money Orders and banktransfers are accepted only when the due amount exceeds $200 because of a $15 bankcharge on international clearing. I take these costs for my account. Creditcard payments are possible via PayPal.

    About payment by cheque

    International banks and payments vary a lot from country to country and differ from the American situation, where checks are part of the normal payment procedures and are free to use. Cashing a check is not free of charge here in The Netherlands, like it is in The USA. Banks charge costs for handling and clearing. For one international check or money order, regardless of the height of the amount, these clearing costs are at least $15. eBay doesn't allow sellers to charge these costs to their buyers. So since i have to pay these costs anyway, i do not accept checks for the lower amounts. That is why I mention in my auctions that I only accept them when the total amount is over $200. Smaller amounts can be paid for by using PayPal, which is free of charge for the buyer. Of course when you are prepared to pay the extra costs, a check or money order is no problem.

  4. All items are antique or vintage and mostly pre-owned. So they may have minor wear typical to their age and period. I describe my items honestly and completely but I am no expert in all areas. All items are guaranteed as described. Check my feedback and bid with confidence. I offer you a full refund including shipping costs if the item has a defect not mentionned in the listing. When you are not satisfied with your purchase for any other reason I will take the item back with no questions asked and will refund the auctionprice minus actual costs. Please inform me then within 3 days after receipt of the goods and return them, insured, in the same condition as received.

  6. Items will be carefully packed and shipped. For breakable items I use double boxing. But i cannot guarantee that the mailman always is as careful as we are...
    EBay expects from sellers that all shipments are insured but full insurance is only possible on registered shipments. As a special service I also include insurance against breaking or damage on all standard airmail shipments. Please note that on non-registered shipments insurance on full loss in the mail is not possible, only for damage. This is YOUR choice when you choose for standard shipment.
    When shipped registered the full value is insured. This includes shipment costs. For standard shipments a buyers risk of 25% of the total amount is applicable because of the longer transit time and the resulting higher risk.

  8. You can save on shippingcosts by combining more items in one shipment. However packages with several breakable items will not exceed 5 kgs (ca. 11 lbs) because of an increased risk for damage.

  10. On request i keep your item in deposit until you buy another of my items or request shipment. There are no additional charges. You just pay the total amount for the items you bought inclusive S&I and as soon as you buy more, i will charge you the increment of S&I only. After 3 months of non activity you will get a reminder by email that still some items are waiting for your shipping decision.

  11. TAXES and DUTY
  12. You are buying an item located abroad. The (small) possibility exsists that a minor percentage of import duties will be imposed on the item. This is beyond my control, but you should take that into consideration. However my experience has been that import duties are rarely imposed upon my items because the value is usually too low. But possible import or customs duties, taxes, and / or VAT stays your responsability. On request an invoice stating actual purchase prices shall accompany all international purchases.

  14. Since your valuable and fragile items mostly have to travel over a great distance all the required measures are taken to prevent damage to the shipped items. Much time is devoted to careful packing using high quality packaging material. I like these precious items to be received undamaged.

    On June 7th 2003 Teri wrote:
    Hi Leoart, Just wanted to let you know that I received the vase and tile in great shape. It was sort of a miracle that the items weren't damaged, because the thoughtful postal service virtually mutilated the box.
    It was almost laughable how a box could arrive marked all over with fragile stickers that looked like it had been rolled all the way from Holland. Thank you so much for the double boxing. I hope to do business with you again soon.

  16. If despite the careful packaging you receive a damaged item it is up to you to file a claim with USPS (remember: you must keep all original packaging materials to file a claim, this is a post office requirement). A copy of the USPS damage report must be sent to me for further claim processing at TNT-Post.
    In any case I require proof of damage by digital pictures. These must be sent to me by email. I will reimburse you in advance after receipt of these pictures.

  18. You are strongly invited to examine photos and descriptions carefully and please email me with any questions, concern or need for clarification. Also ask any questions you may have about payment, shipping costs etc before the auction ends.

  20. Reserve prices are not disclosed prior to the end of the auction.

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